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At first sorry for my English…
This project provides (or should provide) a basic functionality above InSim protocol. When I did ma last project EGT RA
I realize, that a lot of other programmers spend a lot of time with mapping names, players id, connections id, to drivers, cars, state, using controls etc. So I decide to write one common plugin base object oriented wrapper around this, which offers this functionality. It should cover this basic functionality which has to be done (always).
So here is it. (Ehmm there is 10% from goal, but it is useful now … I hope. Or I hope there will be some people, which will disagree with me and found my mistakes in code and design :) )

So what it offers now:
There is one basic unit. It is a car (InsimCar). It holds driver(s) (inSimDriver). It works in two modes.
- Simple: one driver per one car.
- Extended: more drivers per one car with restriction, only one driver from crew can drive a car

Controls factory: It creates controls (Labels, Buttons, Edits) for driver or for all drivers. You are free for mapping connections id, buttons id to click events. You simply ask control factory for a button for concrete insimDriver , connect to event Click and . use it.
Plugin functionality - it scans all dlls in specified directory and chek if any contains classes with plugin attribute
Example SayHallo plugin
First step for real – Rallycros plugin (with system of heat and groups, Final B and A) etc.

What will be done:
A lot...
- From last project EGT_RA I will re-implement system of warm-up laps (real warm-up lap = driver finish first lap, return back to start position (position is checked and driver is navigated by some cross on his initial position))
- Safety car support
- Weight balance per race (as is e.g. in WTCC cups)
- Checking the restriction for balancing the car classes (TBO, GTR 1, 2, etc.)
- Pitstop handling (checking if the pitstop was done during pitstop window (e.g. between laps 5 to 30). Pitstop semaphore, when driver leave the pit-lane , penalization – start from pit lane.
- Web support – next big task for managing the leagues and users. (crating leagues, solving protest, online result, separated practice, qualify, race in more days = all this will use the plugin base system).
So as you can see there is a lot of work. I do it for my pleasure. And I work on it in my free time. So I don’t want promise any concrete date of final release, but I am working on it.
It us under GNU General Public License. It is free for noncommercial purpose.

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